Ti5 Pubstomp for wallpaper

RedBull Orange Esports TI5 Pubstomp @ Orange Stadium Prima Setapak!
Grab your tickets here
Come join the official Orange Esports home base in Orange Stadium to support and cheer for your favorite Dota 2 team!
Make some noise and let us watch the world best Dota teams in action! Malaysia Boleh!

Date: 26 – 30 July & 3 – 8 Aug
Event Registration: 11pm (First come first serve)
Location map: https://goo.gl/EknmeP

Entrance Fee

26 – 30 July (RM6) Get a Red Bull and Awesome Lucky Draw chance

3 – 8 Aug (RM15) Get a Red Bull and Awesome Lucky Draws
Existing IMBA members will get complementary RM9 top up to IMBA account.
Day 1 – Wild Card
26 July [Sunday Night]

The Wild Cards begin this Sunday mid-night at 12am, where four teams will battle it out to decide who will claim the final two invites to The International.
Following wild card matches will be the Group Stage games, which will determine the seeding for the Main Event, and will run through the week beginning on day 2 on 27 July mid night 12am.

Ten invited teams: Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, Vici Gaming, Team Empire, Virtus.Pro, LGD Gaming, Fnatic, Invictus Gaming, Newbee, Cloud 9. Four qualified teams: Natus Vincere (TI5 European Qualifiers), MVP.Hot6ix (TI5 SEA Qualifiers), compLexity Gaming (TI5 Americas Qualifiers), EHOME (TI5 Chinese Qualifiers). Two teams from the Wildcard Series. Two groups of eight teams, Teams will play every other team in their group in a best-of-two series, All 16 teams will advance to the TI5 Main Event. Top four teams in each group will advance into the Upper Brackets of the Main Event, Bottom four teams in each group will be placed into Lower Bracket of the Main Event.

Day 2 – Group Stage
27 July [Monday Night]

Day 3 – Group Stage
28 July [Tuesday Night]

Day 4 – Group Stage
29 July [Wednesday Night]

Day 5 – Group Stage
30 July [Thursday Night]

Main Event

16 teams will play in a double elimination format, over the course of six days. 8 teams will start in the Upper Brackets, The remaining 8 teams will start in the Lower Brackets. The first round of the Lower Brackets will be played as a best-of-one series, All the other games will be best-of-three series, The International 5 Grand Finals will be best-of-five series.
Main Event Day 1
3 Aug [Monday Night]

Main Event Day 2
4 Aug [Tuesday Night]

Main Event Day 3
5 Aug [Wednesday Night]

Main Event Day 4
6 Aug [Thursday Night]

Main Event Day 5
7 Aug [Friday Night]

Main Event Day 6
8 Aug [Saturday Night]

Event Contest and Lucky Draw 

Lucky Draws item includes sponsored Razer Gears and Dota 2 In-game items! What’s more ? Drink up Red Bull and stay energized the whole night for the Championship of the year with over USD16,000,000 prize pool!Stay Tuned for list of lucky draw items and another IMBA package deal!

Lucky Draw Prizes Includes:

Razer Kraken Pro Neon
Razer Mug
Razer Cap
Razer Goliathus Orange Esports Mousemat
Dota 2 Arcana
Dota 2 Set Items
Dota 2 Couriers
Dota 2 Immortal Items
Dota 2 Nature Prophet Plush


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